They totally blew the whole evening for us and our 6 guests from out of town. We’ve been to Mushasi many times and the service was always good and the food great. So we wanted to take friends there to enjoy it too. We called for reservations for a whole table – for 8 persons – you can only squeeze in 9 if someone sits across from the sink – YUCK! The earliest we could get was 9 PM for a whole table – but OK. We got there at 9 PM but no table was available. Waited 20 minutes at the bar and ordered two bottles of saki. Finally they had a table cleared and ready for us – or so we thought. In the ultimate of INSULTS and RUDENESS the hostess then takes two guys that came in after us, without reservations and seats them at the freshly cleared table! Then tells our party of eight – well here’s an extra chair you can cram 5 adults in space where four adults usually fit. You don’t mind rubbing elbows with each other do you? The other three of our party had to sit around the corner with one opposite the wash sink! You don’t mind sharing your reserved table with two BOZOS who just walked in do you? WELL, YES, I DO MIND – I MIND A LOT! What happened to our reservations for a table I ask. Well, you can take it or leave or wait an hour they say…. I asked for Tiger – not there. Asked for his number – no way! Asked they have him call me – no way. We sucked it up and had these two foreign language speaking BOZOS rudely barged in at our table. We only stayed because at 9:30 I couldn’t think of another restaurant close by that was open and my guests were hungry. To ADD FURTHER INSULT when the other side of this cooking area opened they set it for EIGHT PLACES! When I suggested they should just seat us there they said – only of you want to wait another hour for a cook!

If Tiger was there this would not have happened. He knows how to treat his good long time customers – like us – we knew him when he was at Hamada’s working as a chef. They had no management there who understood the least about PR and keeping customers happy. They didn’t even TRY to make us satisfied. They didn’t comp a meal or even a $24. bottle of saki. They didn’t give a damn if a ten year customer walked out never to return because of their abominable disrespect, rudeness and discourtesy.

I even hand wrote a note addressed to Tiger and asked Tiger’s brother in law to give it to Tiger. The note asked Tiger to call me. My cell phone has not rung. This says it all….

I seriously doubt my wife and I will ever return and will certainly never do so with friends – for the only thing we can expect is to be treated with great rudeness, discourtesy and a don’t give a damn if you stay or go attitude.

Tiger needs to clean house and get those extremely rude employees out of there. They will poison his business behind his back. Too bad. Musashi used to be one of our favorite restaurants.

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