My meal at Musashi was ok. I’ve eaten at a lot of different Teppanyaki places and this one falls towards the bottom of the pack. I had the filet and scallop combo which was good, the steak was cooked perfectly and the scallops were firm but not overdone.

I was surprised at how much butter was used in the rest of the meal. From the fried rice to the vegetables to the sprouts, it was used in everything. An not just a few slices here and there like most places I’ve been to, but huge, huge chunks. There were 2 different sauces served with your meal, one was very good and the other was no more than mayo and a dash of hot sauce.

Our cook was great, but the service was a little slow. If you’re close by and looking for something to do it might be worth a try, but there are surely better Teppanyaki options in Vegas such as Osaka’s or Hokkaido.

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