As my wonderful boyfriend said below (although I won’t be as nice as he was), this place basically sucked. I originally read the reviews for this place (which is why my boyfriend and I went there… sorry babe) and being that it was one of the highest rated sushi restaurants in Vegas on here, that’s what we decided on. Now it seems like a lot of people have rated it highly based on the teppenyaki side but as far as sushi goes, it was simply the worst sushi either of us has ever had. The mussels in which I’ve never had a truly bad experience with, were falling apart and mushy. I don’t know how to even describe the rolls! They were just weird and and the fish was sooooo NOT fresh! I’ve read peoples reviews saying how fresh it was and I dunno if they came on a good day or maybe they’ve just never had good sushi before but this stuff was just terrible! Also on the website it actually talks about their unique and modern interior decoration… HELLO!! There we holes in the seats of the booths and the lighting was a bright florescent light hanging right above your head literally blinding you! The place was just downright dull and dreary.
Look, I have never left a review for anywhere before because I’ve never felt the need to and I’ve had plenty of bad experiences in different restaurants before, but I absolutely LOVE sushi and this place was just horrible in every way. PLEASE don’t bother wasting your time in going there if sushi is what you want. I can’t say anything about the teppanyaki side but oh lord… bad sushi. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

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