Lost my daughters 12th birthday dinner reservation. Made no attempt to fix it, or attend to us anyway. Ignored us, laughed at us when we insisted they made a mistake. Lost my business forever, and that saddens me because the food is decent. Nothing makes up for messing up a kids birthday. She was truly disappointed, as were the other 7 people in our party. You really screwed us Musashi and I will never return. Nor will I refer you to anyone ever again.


I came here twice in one week for teppanyaki , but I will never come back after the second time. The first time I came here, my experience was so awesome! The chef wasn’t that good at doing his little tricks, but he was still entertaining. It was during normal hours, and I fell in love with their fried rice and mushrooms.
Three days later, I came really late at night during their happy hour. We ordered about the same amount food like last time. The server told us it’s 50% off so we get half the portions, but it’s the same exact food as the normal menu. So we ordered twice as much.

Here comes the chef who looked at us like, “great some of my customers are 12 year olds.” Just because we look young, doesn’t mean you start downgrading your service (I despise servers like that, and yes, we do look like 12 year olds). I told him twice before he started that no onions on any of our food (my bf is allergic), and he said, “I’m going to put lots of onions.” He said it in a joking way, but I said it again after just to be sure. He started doing his thing, and he cooked fried rice for the other customers first WITH onions and then he used to same grill to cook our fried rice without cleaning it. The previous chef we had was not like that. He acknowledged our request, and he put us first. Our fried rice had onions…good thing we’re smart enough to check. He got even worse when it came to the veggies. He cooked the veggies all at once for everybody, and gave us veggies with onions. Then he goes, “It might have a little onion.” After that I was so done. I wasn’t going to complain anymore because to me this restaurant doesn’t exist. I was planning on taking my family here for my graduation dinner, but no thanks. He didn’t even give us any mushrooms…he gave all the mushrooms to everybody else. I love mushrooms. I thought we were supposed to get the exact same thing as regular menu. We paid the same amount we did for the regular menu. I hate this place with a burning passion. Please, train your chefs what “No onions!” mean, and how to provide service.


Eat somewhere else before you waste your money! Raved about this place for years and finally took our friend for a birthday. Chef was new, food was sloppy and all beers were warm. Bill was expensive and manager refused to acknowledge any issues. Spoke to restaurant owner and was told I would be reimbursed for a portion of what we wasted. So far it has been a month and I have yet to receive anything. I am a Vegas local and will never recommend this place again. Also, what the owner doesn’t know is that the person who’s birthday we went for is the person who does the diamonds and rating for AAA.


Mushasi used to be one of my favorite places. The food and showmanship are up to par, but what I can’t stand is the attitude of owners/managers. I walked in when the restaurant was nearly empty, with family from out of town, and was rudely told there would be a 30 min wait. Before I could question why, the owner had turned and left the hostess stand. We waited approximately 15 minutes, didn’t see a soul before we finally decided that they were rude, unapologetic and we would take our business to a restaurant that wanted customers. A side note, this was a place I frequented and the owners knew my name.


I called ahead for a reservation for a friend and I. The person I spoke to on the phone recommended making reservations, and they had openings a few hours out. I made a reservation, left my name and number, and we showed up promptly.

After checking in, we noticed the host had already crossed our name off. Either someone already checked in or they marked us off, even though we showed up on time. He did try and hide the fact that he screwed up, by highlighting through my name again. He told me the wait would be about 20 minutes. After we showed up on time for our reservations. He didn’t admit a mistake or anything, just told us to have a drink at their bar. We sit down at the bar, no one is behind the bar, so we aren’t offered water or an alcohol menu or anything. At least give us a cup of water if you messed up.

About 10 minutes later, a loud Asian lady starting screaming at us to follow her and guides us to a table. She then starts yelling at everyone being seated that we need to sit shoulder to shoulder to each other since they are fitting two more people than the table normally holds. This indicated to me that they did give our reservation away to someone else and trying to shoehorn everyone into a cramped space was the last straw.

Me and my friend got up and told her that she could stop screaming at us, because there would be plenty of space with us gone. We ended up going to Ohjah, which had excellent service, great food, without having to deal with a host screw up and an old Asian lady screaming at us.


**note this is merely a review on their lack of service**

it’s 11:20pm, they’re open till 4am, a group of 4 just got here and was seated before I was even asked to see if I had been helped…they had 3 servers look at me and then walk away as if I was a ghost. Finally after the group of 4 was seated I was asked if I had been helped by a waiter. I said no and would like to sit at the sushi bar, only seats were between couples that looked like they had staked their claim on all of the bar…. so I opted out after the 15 minutes of waiting… maybe next time I’ll see why this has 4 solid stars…cause it’s not because of the service, I don’t care how many photos of celebrities you have in your waiting area…


06.04.11 Absolutely the WORST service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waitress only had two tables two wait on! We ordered a bottle of Plum Sake for four people and she only brought us 3 glasses. I asked for lemon in my water and she forgot! We had ordered a side plate and she never brought it. We had to get up and ask her for several items because she was such a flake! When they brought us the plate, we had finished eating the sushi we ordered and told her we did not want the plate anymore!  Did you think she deserved a tip? I think not. . . . . . . .


Horrible Service! We’ve been waiting the chef so long and also the chef won’t start cook if the table isn’t full. Never coming back here anymore!


*** Sushi review only—-Huge HUGE mistake going here and not reading the reviews first.
Ordered 5 items charged 80 dollars and everything I ordered was in edible. Bad cuts of not fresh fish so tough I couldn’t eat them. Mixed veg/shrimp tempura disgusting, the oil tasted bad. For the price it was a very tiny order.  Asked for it to be taken away and we were STILL charged for it. I don’t even want to finish writing this review, this place pisses me off that much. Wait staff totally snotty/could care less and getting the bill “adjusted” to 80 bucks was a nightmare.   Stay away!