So I may not be the target audience here. I’ll be honest, I don’t love teppanyaki. I feel they charge an stupid amount of money for lower quality food. You’re paying for the show. I’m sorry, but if you’ve seen one onion volcano, you’ve seen them all.

A group of 5 of us came after work one night at the request of one of the people in the group. We were seated about a half hour after waiting for a table. After looking over the menu I decided to with with the Samurai Special, filet mignon and shrimp, our waiter informed me that it wold be an extra $3.50 for fried rice, which I thought was bizarre, that usually comes with dinner automatically.

We were started out with miso soup. I immediately noticed there was a ton of oil in it. I could see it floating on the top, as well as some mystery meat. The salad was ok, iceberg lettuce only, but I did like the ginger dressing.

Onto our meal. Started out with grilled vegetables, he put a large chunk of butter down into them. Same with the shrimp. Same with the meat. I was in disbelief in regards to the amount of butter that was used. Garlic. He loved garlic as well. He thought it was so special to make garlic butter. It was overkill.

So our food comes, I can guarantee you that what I was served was not filet mignon. During dinner, one of the people in our group had requested more yum yum sauce. The “chef” reaches for the bottle of yum yum sauce and holds it in front of his junk as in gesturing something. He thought this was hilarious, the rest of us thought it was gross and innapropriate. I get that they have an adult dinner later, but we weren’t apart of that. It was gross.

Anywho, $60 for dinner and a single glass of wine. Totally not worth it.

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