I’ve been here three times and every time the place has been empty and we can never figure out why.  We asked and apparently they are open really late and cater to the casino crowd getting off at midnight.

Anyways the first two times were excellent – unlike the other reviewers we didn’t do teppenyaki and instead sat in the adjacent dining room.  They have a full fare menu from steaks to izakaya.   We ordered numerous dishes and almost everything was delicious.  This comes at a price of 30-50 a person keep in mind so it better be tasty.

The third time we went we brought some family and the service was really bad – which is really crazy since the waitress even knew someone in our party.  It is a massive pet peeve of mine when service is poor and the restaurant is straight up empty.  This put a damper on the night, since a dish or two had to go back and it got painful.  *sigh*.  It woulda been 4 stars.  Why can’t we find somewhere as good as Ichiza without a 45 minute wait!

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