Came here with my family on our trip to Vegas. The food was actually pretty good, but I give it one star less because our waiter didn’t seem to know very much about the things on the menu. He had to keep leaving us to ask the chef in the back.

The different kinds of rolls were unique & creative. I tried one with a green soy wrap with salmon, hamachi, & imitation crab. It was pretty good. I wish these places used real crab in their rolls. I also tried a handroll which had uni, unagi, cream cheese, & masago inside. That was different, but I think the cream cheese takes away the taste from the uni. The beef takaki they used thick slices of beef & I thought it was a little overdone. I’m used to thin peices of raw beef.

My parents had the sukiyaki which they seemed to like.

The prices were very reasonable. I would probably come back again if it was convenient (not very cuz it’s off the strip).

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