I actually work at another Japanese restaurant in a casino, but me and my co-workers always find ourselves at this place about 3-4 times a week after work. We have been going there for about the last 16 months when they first opened, so it is fairly new. I really love Musashi Japanese Steakhouse, because even though it’s soo close to the strip, it’s full of loyal locals that are there relaxing, just as much if not more than we are. All of the friendly and attentive staff there have been there since the opening, so that just tells you that even the workers are happy and comfortable there. I really have a great time there in any mood I’m in. If I feel like having fun with a couple of people, I goto the sushi bar or teppanyaki side where Tiger entertains us with both his showmanship and jokes. If I want to just relax and chill, I sit in a booth on the dinning side. If there’s a party, we go inside the private room, where we can get crazy and not bother anyone. Wherever you decide to sit, you can’t go wrong because it’s all amazing!!! The sushi is very fresh and amazing, the steaks are flavorful and tender, and the cocktails are smooth and delightful!!! All this at Musashi Japanese Steakhouse….Aaaah Sooooooo Gooooood!!! To top it off, everything is very, very reasonably priced, especially being soo close to the strip. Finally, a restaurant that is not commercialized, not overpriced, not over-hyped, and not that far away from the strip!!! So, to all you yelpers out there, I guarantee that you and your wallet/ purse will be very happy with this place, so go understand how wonderful this place makes me feel!!!

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