I really have no clue where to start. Maybe I should begin with saying that there were no door knobs on the door. Yup.

After figuring out how to get inside, we were immediately greeted by a foul smell that was similar to sweaty socks. Not something you want too smell at a restaurant. Normally we would have left, but we had 9pm reservations and everyone seemed to be raving about the food.

We were seated at a teppanyaki style table alone. After a few minutes another party of 2 joined, followed by an additional party of 5. All guys.

We got our drinks, gave in our order and waited. and waited. and waited. Finally at about 9:35 our salads arrived. Now, I’m from NYC and every hibachi place I’ve been too, we’ve never been longer then an hour. Here, we were already 35 minutes in with just our salads and no chef in sight. The salad was bland and wasn’t very appetizing. The soup arrived a few minutes later which was actually really good. Definitely one of the only good things about this meal.

Finally at 9:50, just as we were about to complain, our chef arrived. He noticed I was the only girl at the table and proceeded to make a heart out of oil and say “Thats for you!”. I thought it was a kind gesture until I turned around and heard him say “This is also for you!” To my surprise, he was holding a wooden penis. Yes you just read that right. A wooden penis. Wtf. I think I died a little inside, but laughed it off. Was totally turned off by this and I kinda just sat there in shock for a few minutes.

Let me just be the one to say this – I hate when teppanyaki places serve your rice first. By the time any of the other food gets to you, theres no more rice. This was probably the least annoying thing of the entire experience. EXCEPT – for when the penis flashing chef insisted we all try his “cream”. Please don’t take that out of context. One minute I’m eating my rice, the next minute he’s forcing some yellowish sauce type cream on the other half of my rice. I took one bite of it and hated it.
It was terrible. Why would this guy ruin my rice like that?!

The food was just completely mediocre and absolutely nothing to write home about. I’ll probably never come back, or even ever consider it. I think if I was dying of hunger right outside of this place I’d still consider the gum stuck on the sidewalk then go in and have a meal here.

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