So I may not be the target audience here. I’ll be honest, I don’t love teppanyaki. I feel they charge an stupid amount of money for lower quality food. You’re paying for the show. I’m sorry, but if you’ve seen one onion volcano, you’ve seen them all.

A group of 5 of us came after work one night at the request of one of the people in the group. We were seated about a half hour after waiting for a table. After looking over the menu I decided to with with the Samurai Special, filet mignon and shrimp, our waiter informed me that it wold be an extra $3.50 for fried rice, which I thought was bizarre, that usually comes with dinner automatically.

We were started out with miso soup. I immediately noticed there was a ton of oil in it. I could see it floating on the top, as well as some mystery meat. The salad was ok, iceberg lettuce only, but I did like the ginger dressing.

Onto our meal. Started out with grilled vegetables, he put a large chunk of butter down into them. Same with the shrimp. Same with the meat. I was in disbelief in regards to the amount of butter that was used. Garlic. He loved garlic as well. He thought it was so special to make garlic butter. It was overkill.

So our food comes, I can guarantee you that what I was served was not filet mignon. During dinner, one of the people in our group had requested more yum yum sauce. The “chef” reaches for the bottle of yum yum sauce and holds it in front of his junk as in gesturing something. He thought this was hilarious, the rest of us thought it was gross and innapropriate. I get that they have an adult dinner later, but we weren’t apart of that. It was gross.

Anywho, $60 for dinner and a single glass of wine. Totally not worth it.


We arrived around 6pm and the restaurant was empty. Went to this place because it had good reviews, but I don’t think it deserves the review it currently has. If you want authentic Japanese food, this is not the place. I spent more than $50 and I’ve been to better, cheaper, more authentic  Japanese restaurants in Vegas than this.


I met a friend here who was with a group for a birthday party a couple weeks ago. I showed up after everyone had already put their order in and wanted to start a separate tab. The waiter told me he couldn’t make my own tab at first but reluctantly changed his mind. I get it, no one likes having to deal with separate checks, but I only had my credit card and I didn’t know the rest of the people in the party. Anyway I placed my order (chicken teriyaki bowl) and shortly after the waiter told our group that we needed to change tables because Floyd Mayweather’s entourage needed our table. WTF. Mind you this was a planned birthday dinner and everyone was in the middle of eating! I couldn’t believe what was happening! So we all follow their wishes and bring our plates and food over to our new tables without complaining but they didn’t even offer anything for having to move in the middle of our dinner! My friend had to mention something to them and I think they finally gave 20% off to the birthday boy but nothing else. So embarassing! My food never came to the new table until I asked a different waiter where it was and by then everyone was already done eating. I understand sometimes venues have to cater to high profile clientele but it should have been handled differently.


My hubby & I went to Musashi because it was open late & it wasn’t a sandwich or fastfood place. The service was mediocre (our waiter got my drink order wrong). I wouln’t have minded the prices at all if the food had been good, but as it was, only the sushi tasted fresh. We had a skewer combo that left us very underwhelmed & scallop lettuce wraps that were not wraps at all, just scallops & shitake mushrooms with burned garlic on top of lettuce scraps. Spend another 20 bucks extra somewhere else, I do not recommend this place.
PS: the music was too loud


I’ve been eating teppan style cooking on special occasions since around 1980 when Benihana was the only player in town..so I’ve had a few. Musashi wasn’t busy on a week night and there was only 2 tables the whole time we were there so there was a little lack of atmosphere you find in busier places. The whole experience depends on the chef you get. Over the years I’ve had drunk chefs, chefs that were maybe the first day on the job but for the most part I’ve had skillful chefs. Our chef admitted up front he was enjoying his day off with some drinks and someone didn’t show for work so he was called in. I’ve been in his boat so could understand. It showed in his juggling with the spatula and fork and when it got to the egg toss it wasn’t so good. There were a lot of things lacking like tossing stuff and catching it in his hat or tossing food so you try to catch it in your mouth. I think we got the ” I shouldn’t really be here cooking for you guys” show. I ordered a bottle of chilled sake and it showed up in a ceramic sake flask. I’ve never seen that before. My son worked in a sushi restaurant and any sake showing up in a ceramic flask is the really cheap stuff. The food itself was O.K, perhaps a little overcooked and $3.50 for fried rice which had little else in it a bit overpriced. Musashi does give you extra sauces, chili paste and schriaca if you like spicy and he did make a garlic butter sauce but the presentation was lacking as he only got part of the sauce in the containers. The adult part of the show where he slaps rice into a penis shaped mold was a bit tacky. We were entertaining guests from a small town in the U.K so they probably never noticed it was sub par. Think we’re going to stick with Toyko Waco in Los Angeles.


Only tried the sushi area. Tried 4 different rolls during late night happy hour. Sushi is decent but definitely not mind blowing. Prices are good but the service was terrible. Took forever before the waiter would come over and check on us.


If you have to and you need some japanese in your life I am sure this place will suffice.

You really can’t beat their happy hour prices… but you get what you pay for.  It was hard to be a healthy pescetarian here. Lots of fried, lots of soaked in oil-y sauces, all of the specialty drinks have a ton of sugar.

The waiter even said that when he eats there, that he always double checks that the fish is fresh. So… sometimes it’s not? Eeek.

Gosh, I sound like a brat. It was late and we were starving. It worked… but, we most likely will not be back.


While my boyfriend was road raging, and super cranky cause of his empty stomach I was frantically searching YELP for a quick fix! And so I came across Musashi and decided to give it a try.

We didn’t do the teppanyaki, as I prefer other places. Just ordered off the sushi menu.(Either Geisha House is great!)

I can’t say any of the food was bad @ Musashi, but I just didn’t care for the place. Felt a little dirty, I wasn’t offered a sake menu, the server was nice but WAY to chatty. I just did not want share my life story with or hear his for that matter!

Good location, and they are open late, but so are a lot of places in Vegas.

Not sure why it has so many stars from other but, to each his own!


Ate here while visiting our family.  The service was awful. Even though the restaurant was empty, the waitress only came to our table once after taking our order to refill our drinks. The chef who made our food obviously wanted to be anywhere but there. The food tasted good but the portions were really small. I had the chicken & shrimp, which was $4 more than the chicken, and received only 4 shrimp. My family joked the rest of the day I paid $1 per shrimp. We will not be going back, too many better options in Las Vegas.