I’m going to preface this review by saying that if it wasn’t for the smell that permeated the restaurant, this place would have 4 stars, because the food is really good.

It is a typical teppanyaki style Japanese restaurant, with the sushi bar/sit down area in one room, and the teppanyakis on the other side.  The chefs are good at what they do, and it’s nice that they make several of the sauces for your meat and veggies right there as you watch.  Some things don’t change from place to place, you get the corny jokes, the lighting things on fire, etc.  Here however, you better be ready for some rated R things as well.  So if you get offended by anything having to do with the male anatomy, tell your chef before hand so they won’t make those jokes. The time I ate there with my mother I wasn’t sure if she was gonna laugh or yell at the guy, but thankfully my mom’s sense of humor prevailed.

On the whole, I would go back there for the food, but I kind of wish they would update the interior and do something about the smell, I know it’s keeping first time customers away.

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