I’ve been coming to Musashi’s for about 3 years, and normally the food (both Teppan side and Sushi side) is an A+.

On my last visit we ate at the Sushi side, and noticed the sushi chef was not the same guy.  This reflected on my personal favorite dish: The Ahi Poke salad.

Four of us ordered the poke and found it to be extremely peppery and spicy hot.  Yes, Poke should have a kick, but none of us were able to enjoy it.  We commented to the chef and waiter the extreme spiciness, and even said every time we go to Vegas (which is multiple times a year) we always stop at Musashi and order the Poke salad.

The chef actually gave me a negative feedback by saying that is how HE does it, and didn’t apologize.  I was upset at how he dismissed my complaint. He didn’t bother to re-do my dish, and I know he could hear my table’s entire conversation at our displeasure (we were sitting next to the Sushi bar!).

I know the chef changed because even the presentation of the salad was different.  I will go back to Musashi, but next time I order the Ahi Poke salad, I will specify to not be so peppery, and not be so “red hot” spicy.

I still am fuming over the last visit, and hope that Musashi will address this review.

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