This review is mainly for their lunch special.

I just ended my TAM card exam a few stores away earlier this afternoon and my father suggest that we grabbed lunch somewhere close by. Apparently Musashi had a lunch special going on, $9.50 for a bento box – which was quite expensive compared to $.8.50 at RA by the Fashion Show Mall considering this place offered quite a shady atmosphere. It was a little secluded and just…dark for the most part, not exactly the kind of environment that favors a happy dining experience.

We ordered a bento with a choice of tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and shrimp/vegetable tempura. It came with miso soup, a potsticker, edamame and salad. Since we weren’t too hungry, we asked for an extra bowl of rice only to find out later that additional rice orders were free…and for that I gave this review an extra star. The food was pretty good although I’d recommend Go Wild Sushi and Grill (on Tenaya and Sahara) a thousand folds over Musashi, taking everything into consideration.

At some point, we noticed how the place needed quite a make-over. The booth couches were ripping and the music wasn’t very accomodating. Summing everything up, the restaurant left quite a lasting impression that won’t have me going back for awhile. If you want better Japanese Restaurants, I’d recommend shuseki in Chinatown, RA at the Fashion Show Mall and Go Wild Sushi and Grill along Sahara to name a few.

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