Eh.  2.5 solid, 3 stars being generous and also because as leftovers it was still edible.

It smells greasy when you walk in.  It’s also a lot smaller than other teppanyaki restaurants.  We sat in the empty sushi section and had a taste testing of a bunch of sake infused with fruit (syrup).  The peach and lychee were my favorite.

i ordered the ribeye and the BD ordered the NY strip.  Performance wise – it was nothing I haven’t seen before.  The beef broth soup was tasty, the salad was forgettable, the shrimp was doused with a mayo based sauce that I really enjoyed but BD hates mayo, the quail egg and bacon appetizer was also on the meh side.

My ribeye was super tasty.  He put it on a bed of sliced garlic and let that bad boy sear.  Before he served it to me he sprinkled it with lime juice.  It was yummy.  My fried rice was bland until I added 4 other sauces to it and the veggies were great.  The BD enjoyed his steak but didn’t really eat much else (he doesn’t do veggies or seafood – so more for me!)

All in all, I’ve had better elsewhere and though it wasn’t bad by any means, nothing was memorable and it’s ranked pretty low compared to other teppanyaki places I’ve eaten before.

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