So we had free drinks so this place must be good right? No.
The drinks were only free because we walked out after being treated rudely.

We made reservations for 8pm and were there 10 minutes early. We were told that the table was not ready and we would need to wait a few minutes in the lounge. We ordered a few drinks and continued to wait as the lounge filled up with others waiting. We finished our drinks and were ready for more but realized it was already past 830 and we had plans later.

I approached the podium and calmly said we had 800 reservations it is now 830 and we were told it would only be a few minutes at 750. I asked when we would be seated. The guy at the podium was haughty and replied with “whenever it is ready.” Some others that were waiting had overheard our exchange and began talking saying they had been waiting since 730. I headed to my party of 6 and told them that we would be leaving right now. As we pasted by the podium another party had approached the podium. I announced to all listening that we were not waiting and leaving.

We headed across the street to Del Frisco’s, one of the best steakhouses in Vegas. They were friendly and sat us right away. The service was a stark juxtaposition to those across the street. Musashi’s was just another example of the horrible service at a lot of the places in Vegas.

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