Listed in my reviews, The Places I Go Out
I was hungry for some japanese food and the reviews was fairly good and their website boasted some good hype so i decided to give it a try. being a chef myself i was looking forward to my dinner.
When i arrived the waiter tried to give me a seat at the sushi bar, which i did not want to sit at. So I asked for a table and i was given a look of disgust. (First Stike)… The server then dropped 3 menus on the table with a thunderous thump. (Strike 2)… A different server then came and asked if he could get something to drink in which i replied yes i got some water since it was really hot that day. then it took me almost 20 minutes just to look over the menu. I was in the mood for some sashimi combo but was not offered for dinner, so I ordered steamed gyoza and fried agedashi tofu for my app. and a unagi bowl for my main course. i waited about 20 minutes and the waiter brings me my unagi bowl which i ordered for my main course. I asked the waiter that should I not get my apps before I get my main course. He then replied that its being cooked now, but the unagi bowl comes from the sushi bar. I politely told him that it shouldn’t matter where it comes from I would like to get my food accordingly. The waiter then asked me if he should take the unagi bowl back and bring it back after I am done with the apps. I said yes please.
After another 15 minutes passed and I finally get my steamed gyoza potstickers which was a dissapointment where i can tell it was a store bought frozen potsticker and it wasnt even cooked right. It was mush and i just had 1 bite of that and that was enough for me. then came the fried tofu which was salty and it was as if no one took any care in preparing that dish. In total it took 35 minutes to cook frozen potstickers out of a bag and to deep fry some tofu. ( unacceptable)… The waiter then brings back a cold unagi bowl which was just left out waiting for me to finish my apps… to top it off the rice was sushi rice. I never had a bowl with sushi rice before and that was the last straw… I put my chopsticks down and asked for the check. The waiter just said thank you and gave me my check. He did not one time ask me why I haven’t touched any of my food except for 1 bite each dish. I gave the waiter my money and ask to speak to the manager or owner. Like I said being a restaurant owner and a chef my self I wanted to have a civilized conversation regarding this matter and to see what kind of operation they are running. The Server escorted me to the owner who was working as the cashier as well. I told her straight out that her food was terrible. She just Said “Oh! That’s Ok I will take care of your bill” and gave me my money back. I started to express to her what was wrong with everything and she would have non of that. she just kept saying ” It’s ok , It’s ok”… It just showed me that maybe in the beginning of the restaurant she and her husband started with a bang. But now they run the restaurant without any care what so ever. My opinion is if they don’t want to be in business then they should quit and stop lying to everyone about their food and service. If the owners dont care then the server and the cooks don’t care either and it shows.


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