After watching the food channel, recommending this place i decided to take my dad there. We had a 7:30pm arrived early at 7pm had to wait for the next group to arrive before they started, about 40 min later we started our experience which i was excited about. Since the food channel stated the sauce is what makes them so special. WHAT SAUCE? The only sauce i got was after i finish all my meat and shrimp which was a teriyaki sauce, the cook say put the sauce on the rice. I was thining WTF, i have no more food and rice. Anyway just a bad experience overall, chef was busy talking to a regualr with kids taking up most of his attention and we felt ignored. He was a nice Korean guy, friendly however we felt disconnected from the overall experience. Better to just go with with Benihanna if we are going to do that. No go for me in the future, food was average and service was average. I still gave a 20% tip since it was labor intensive.

P.S also when i went to restroom passing by the other grilling table that crowd was having a blast and they had so many different sauces on their table, The chef is from Hawaii and was doing a great job for the other table. Anyway its just a bummer when you expect more than what you actually get.

Oh and the chef was still talking to the regular person with the group outside the parking lot, when we left. It must have been long awaited.

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