I actually work at another Japanese restaurant in a casino, but me and my co-workers always find ourselves at this place about 3-4 times a week after work. We have been going there for about the last 16 months when they first opened, so it is fairly new. I really love Musashi Japanese Steakhouse, because even though it’s soo close to the strip, it’s full of loyal locals that are there relaxing, just as much if not more than we are. All of the friendly and attentive staff there have been there since the opening, so that just tells you that even the workers are happy and comfortable there. I really have a great time there in any mood I’m in. If I feel like having fun with a couple of people, I goto the sushi bar or teppanyaki side where Tiger entertains us with both his showmanship and jokes. If I want to just relax and chill, I sit in a booth on the dinning side. If there’s a party, we go inside the private room, where we can get crazy and not bother anyone. Wherever you decide to sit, you can’t go wrong because it’s all amazing!!! The sushi is very fresh and amazing, the steaks are flavorful and tender, and the cocktails are smooth and delightful!!! All this at Musashi Japanese Steakhouse….Aaaah Sooooooo Gooooood!!! To top it off, everything is very, very reasonably priced, especially being soo close to the strip. Finally, a restaurant that is not commercialized, not overpriced, not over-hyped, and not that far away from the strip!!! So, to all you yelpers out there, I guarantee that you and your wallet/ purse will be very happy with this place, so go understand how wonderful this place makes me feel!!!



Yeah…..no. over priced. Undersized,  with a dose of snark from the wait staff. Won’t be back. And by the way, the mashed potatoes where taken off the menu 2 years ago and yet they still show it on the menu as admitted to by the waiter.


I went one night after work. I went to this place by word of mouth.

They had amazing prices for the after hours menu. The food was very good. Not the best teppanyaki in town by any stretch but not the worst. Id rank 2-3 places in town that i prefer. The location is great for strip visitors. Restaurant needs some upkeep as it looks old and dirty.

When all is said and done I would repeat and Id also recommend. Service was good.


I was in Las Vegas for a business trip. Upon a request from my colleagues, I looked up some Japanese restaurants with more than 4 yelp stars and a reasonable price range (not high end on the strip), and came across this.

Obviously, for teppan yaki, you would need a reservation. But we were there for sushi, and didn’t have a problem getting a normal dining table.

The restaurant has kind of lousy interior. I am not really a fun of red painted walls especially for Japanese restaurant.
We ordered variety of sushi rolls from traditional ones to American born ones. Simple traditional salmon or tuna rolls were good and fish quality was surprisingly good as well. Some other American style rolls were just ok. Nothing impressive. The service was as slow as traffic on strip.
Somehow, I had generally high expectations for Las Vegas restaurants, but I could easily find plenty of better Japanese restaurants elsewhere. So it was a little bit disappointing.


Nice little tepan yaki restaurant in Vegas. Decided to try Musashi, after all the raves in yelp.
But i guess it wasn’t all that hype that i read here. The tepan chef was nice and courteous, but i will probably not go back.


Eh.  2.5 solid, 3 stars being generous and also because as leftovers it was still edible.

It smells greasy when you walk in.  It’s also a lot smaller than other teppanyaki restaurants.  We sat in the empty sushi section and had a taste testing of a bunch of sake infused with fruit (syrup).  The peach and lychee were my favorite.

i ordered the ribeye and the BD ordered the NY strip.  Performance wise – it was nothing I haven’t seen before.  The beef broth soup was tasty, the salad was forgettable, the shrimp was doused with a mayo based sauce that I really enjoyed but BD hates mayo, the quail egg and bacon appetizer was also on the meh side.

My ribeye was super tasty.  He put it on a bed of sliced garlic and let that bad boy sear.  Before he served it to me he sprinkled it with lime juice.  It was yummy.  My fried rice was bland until I added 4 other sauces to it and the veggies were great.  The BD enjoyed his steak but didn’t really eat much else (he doesn’t do veggies or seafood – so more for me!)

All in all, I’ve had better elsewhere and though it wasn’t bad by any means, nothing was memorable and it’s ranked pretty low compared to other teppanyaki places I’ve eaten before.


This review is mainly for their lunch special.

I just ended my TAM card exam a few stores away earlier this afternoon and my father suggest that we grabbed lunch somewhere close by. Apparently Musashi had a lunch special going on, $9.50 for a bento box – which was quite expensive compared to $.8.50 at RA by the Fashion Show Mall considering this place offered quite a shady atmosphere. It was a little secluded and just…dark for the most part, not exactly the kind of environment that favors a happy dining experience.

We ordered a bento with a choice of tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and shrimp/vegetable tempura. It came with miso soup, a potsticker, edamame and salad. Since we weren’t too hungry, we asked for an extra bowl of rice only to find out later that additional rice orders were free…and for that I gave this review an extra star. The food was pretty good although I’d recommend Go Wild Sushi and Grill (on Tenaya and Sahara) a thousand folds over Musashi, taking everything into consideration.

At some point, we noticed how the place needed quite a make-over. The booth couches were ripping and the music wasn’t very accomodating. Summing everything up, the restaurant left quite a lasting impression that won’t have me going back for awhile. If you want better Japanese Restaurants, I’d recommend shuseki in Chinatown, RA at the Fashion Show Mall and Go Wild Sushi and Grill along Sahara to name a few.


I’ve been coming to Musashi’s for about 3 years, and normally the food (both Teppan side and Sushi side) is an A+.

On my last visit we ate at the Sushi side, and noticed the sushi chef was not the same guy.  This reflected on my personal favorite dish: The Ahi Poke salad.

Four of us ordered the poke and found it to be extremely peppery and spicy hot.  Yes, Poke should have a kick, but none of us were able to enjoy it.  We commented to the chef and waiter the extreme spiciness, and even said every time we go to Vegas (which is multiple times a year) we always stop at Musashi and order the Poke salad.

The chef actually gave me a negative feedback by saying that is how HE does it, and didn’t apologize.  I was upset at how he dismissed my complaint. He didn’t bother to re-do my dish, and I know he could hear my table’s entire conversation at our displeasure (we were sitting next to the Sushi bar!).

I know the chef changed because even the presentation of the salad was different.  I will go back to Musashi, but next time I order the Ahi Poke salad, I will specify to not be so peppery, and not be so “red hot” spicy.

I still am fuming over the last visit, and hope that Musashi will address this review.


I’m going to preface this review by saying that if it wasn’t for the smell that permeated the restaurant, this place would have 4 stars, because the food is really good.

It is a typical teppanyaki style Japanese restaurant, with the sushi bar/sit down area in one room, and the teppanyakis on the other side.  The chefs are good at what they do, and it’s nice that they make several of the sauces for your meat and veggies right there as you watch.  Some things don’t change from place to place, you get the corny jokes, the lighting things on fire, etc.  Here however, you better be ready for some rated R things as well.  So if you get offended by anything having to do with the male anatomy, tell your chef before hand so they won’t make those jokes. The time I ate there with my mother I wasn’t sure if she was gonna laugh or yell at the guy, but thankfully my mom’s sense of humor prevailed.

On the whole, I would go back there for the food, but I kind of wish they would update the interior and do something about the smell, I know it’s keeping first time customers away.


We arrived in Las Vegas around 10 pm only to realize that all of the Buffet and Casino Restaurants on the strip were closed!  Hungry, after a long drive, we Yelped Musashi.  Open late, with late night happy hour specials, off the strip with free parking.  We spent about $35.00 for 2 people.  The nigiri sushi and premium roll were good.  The beef was really tasty.  The happy hour portions were small.  Service was … meh.  Better than fast food, but more than we wanted to spend.  Didn’t compare to the value, gourmet buffets at the Belagio and other Casino Resorts.  I gained about 5 pounds in 2 days.